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We want to share everything that's going on at Mound Street Academies. Whether it's a student success, a teacher award, or parenting tips to help you out, you'll find it all here. Check this page often to stay informed of the latest news and events!

Quote of the Week

"I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy. I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it."

Student of the Week

Congratulations to our student of the week (SOW)! Mound Street Academies proudly announces the following SOW for the week of November 11. 

Way to go, and keep up the great work!

Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break is on Wednesday, November 27 through Friday, November 29. School resumes on Monday, December 2. Have a safe and enjoyable break!

Students to Take Ohio Healthy Youth Environment Survey on December 4

Our school district is working very hard to better understand youth health risk and protective behaviors in the community. As part of this effort, we are asking students in 7th through 12th grades to participate in an anonymous survey called the Ohio Healthy Youth Environment Survey (OHYES!). Only children age 12 or above are eligible to participate. The OHYES! is a tool designed by the Ohio Departments of Education, Health, and Mental Health and Addiction Services and numerous other programs for advocating for youth. Our school has decided to use this survey to understand more about our students. Please take a moment to view our OHYES! letter and opt-out form for more information.