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Career Pathways Information

At Mound Street Academies, we understand that a traditional classroom setting is not for everyone. Many of our students are just like you and thrive in our career-based learning environment. We provide coursework that prepares you for either college or a career, and we support you every step of the way. Our three pathways help students gain critical, hands-on experience that can lead to employment.

The three pathways came about and are a result of the work of the Montgomery County Out-of-School Youth Task Force, a group of local prominent citizens who have worked to develop strategies to recover the more than 7,000 young people in Montgomery County who have dropped out of school.

Each pathway ensures that schedules are tailored to meet students' needs. Teachers and staff are skilled in connecting students with community resources that can break down barriers to student success. Our pathways have a different career focus that allow students to explore options and gain valuable business and career training.

You can learn more about the three pathways at MSA by checking out the following pages: